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About Me

Hello! I’m Sabrina

I’m the founder, formulator, & the human behind esoTERRA’s Holistic Herboristerie. I am an Herbalist with over 2 years of Clinical Experience, and have worked with hundreds of people as a Cannabis Consultant over the past 4 years. My holistic approach to health integrates Western Herbalism, inspiration from Ayurveda, Holistic Science-Based Nutrition, & Integrative Wellness Coaching skills.

It is my great joy to work with the plants and be able to share the same herbal remedies, teas, topicals, & aromatherapy products that I love to use in my everyday life! Many of these products are created to answer a specific need within myself, my family & my community. Now, I share those products that we love most with you here! 🙂

Our bodies are innately inclined to a state of balanced health & vitality; herbs guide our bodies in the process of doing what it does best.

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